Footscray Swimming and Water Polo Clubs is an all-welcome, aquatic sports club, which has been in continuous operation in what is now the Maribyrnong community for over 100 years (read more about the history of the Club). We are a family-orientated club who offer a supportive sporting chance to swimmers and players of all abilities.

As with all sports clubs our primary function is to promote and encourage competition from beginners through State, National and International level, and our history demonstrates our ongoing success in this endeavour with both swimming and water polo. To date we have had over 25 members representing Australia either as athletes or officials, some several times.

Though elite athletes are often seen as the measure of a club’s success, we prefer to believe that success is achieved by trying, by performing better than you did last time or by simply doing the best that you can do. Whether that is in the pool, or helping out with any of the jobs needed for our club to function.

The other important function of a good club is to create and maintain a friendly, social environment and provide the opportunity for all members of the community to keep fit and live a healthy life regardless of age, ability or background. We do this through our Junior swimming programs, using our clubrooms for after swimming socialising and other social events, and through our Junior and Senior Water Polo team competition.

Come down and give it a try, you will always be welcome!

Watch our video for a great introduction to our club and activities.